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Policy of AML and KYC at the exchange

1.1 This document constitutes the Policy that TGAMES INCORPORATED (hereinafter Exchange), a company registered in UAE at the address Emarat Atrium, 423, Al Wasl Area, Dubai, UAE P.O. Box 112344 Ras Al Khaimah UAE (RAK Free Trade Zone), adheres to in the area of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML).

1.1.1 Any questions related to this policy, please send to the email address – [email protected], or to the postal address Emarat Atrium, 423, Al Wasl Area, Dubai, UAE P.O. Box 112344 Ras Al Khaimah UAE (RAK Free Trade Zone)

1.2 The main purpose of the AML Policy is to prevent and reduce the risks of the exchange being involved in any kind of illegal activity. exchange takes seriously any attempts to use its service for illegal purposes.
1.3 In accordance with the requirements of international and national standards, AML cryptocurrency exchange implements the most effective internal mechanisms and procedures to prevent:

– laundering of money and other assets obtained illegally;

– sponsoring terrorist activities;

– trade in weapons of mass destruction;

– corruption.

1.3.1 AML / KYC policy includes:

– mandatory identification procedure;

– mandatory verification procedure;

– the presence among the company employees of an official responsible for compliance with AML rules;

– monitoring of all transactions;

– risk assessment.

1.4 exchange adheres to one of the main international standards for the prevention of illegal activities, namely “customer due diligence” (CDD). exchange has implemented its customer verification procedures within the framework of the “know your client” procedure (KYC).

1.4.1 The direct procedure for identifying a client’s identity involves collecting by the exchange employee all the necessary information about the user, which may be required to provide the following documents, not limited to this:

– passport and its copy / ID card / other identifying document and their copy;

– a copy of the utility bill;

– a document certifying the financial situation issued by a bank, employer or tax authority.

1.5 In order to use payment cards on the exchange, the client must undergo a special verification procedure in accordance with the requirements of AML for the further initiation of such transactions.

1.6 According to existing standards, takes the following measures:

1.6.1 Approves a monitoring and reporting officer for suspicious activities related to money laundering or terrorist financing. His direct responsibilities inсlude ensuring the effective implementation and compliance with all AML / KYC policy requirements. To fulfill his duties, he is authorized to:

– collect all the necessary information about users;

– carefully monitor transactions in order to detect deviations from normal activities;

– introduce new user records management systems;

– regularly updаte risk assessments of the related activities of the exchange and its users;

– independently create and updаte internal policies and procedures for the submission, review, completion and storage of all records and reports;

– provide law enforcement authorities with all the necessary information about users if the employee has suspicions about the user’s participation in illegal activity.

1.6.2 Taking into account the risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing in the cryptocurrency market, Exchange uses a risk-based approach in determining its own development strategy in this area.

1.6.3 Exchange applies in practice:

– a prudent approach to customers based on risk;

– identifies the identity of the client;

– checks the physical and IP addresses of users according to the KYC procedure;

– applies additional checks of “suspicious” users and counterparties, the status of which is determined by its own discretion.

1.6.4 Exchange uses risk-based systems and methods to constantly monitor current client activity.

1.6.5 exchange follows a special procedure for detecting and reporting suspicious activity in accordance with the requirements of national legislation.

1.7 According to existing standards of practical activities to combate money laundering and other assets obtained by criminal means, the exchange reserves the right at any time to demand additional documents from the client or any other additional information necessary for identification of a person.

1.8 exchange reserves the right to freeze the account of any user in case he / she is suspected of suspicious activity that may be related to money laundering / terrorist financing.

1.9 exchange reserves the right to refuse service to the user in case he / she is suspected / of suspicious activity that may be related to money laundering / terrorist financing.


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